SCI Projects prides itself on its reputation and the successful working relationships with clients. This is in large part down to how we work, including the application of our proven delivery process:


 Initial consultation

We discuss requirements and scope of deliverables, taking the brief from you to inform our planning process. This is a collaborative process and we work closely with you to unpack the brief accurately.


 Scoping and planning

We draw up our recommended approach to solving the problem, and submit all necessary documentation in a clear and intuitive format to help you make an informed decision.



Once all queries are resolved satisfactorily requirements are met, we are formally engaged through your preferred contractual process.



We undertake the work according to the scope, in accordance with our operational procedures.



The work is inspected, remaining tasks are finalised and we undertake a full-project review to ensure all aspects are 100% complete.



The completed work is formally handed to you and completion documentation is provided. We remain available to assist with any subsequent enhancements or variations.


SCI Projects is proud of the successful, longterm relationships it has with clients, contractors and consultants alike.


Our client list is wide and varied, from Telstra and Lend Lease to Westpac and ANZ and a number of unique organisations in between. All are different, but all have one thing in common: their trust in SCI Projects to deliver what they need, when they need it.


As part of our commitment to deliver excellence, we partner with a number of consultants as projects complexities might demand. We use only highly-qualified and experienced consultants in specialist areas including construction, engineering and planning.


We expect the best from our people, and extend this to those we contract into a project. SCI Projects has built rock-solid partnerships with a range of expert contractors across all critical aspects of construction and remediation work.



SCI Projects works across the commercial landscape, with a relationship-based approach that engenders longterm trust.